Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thing 23

Whew, what an experience.
Just creating a blog was exciting.

1. There were so many. Flickr, Avatar, Rollyo to name a few.

2. I never would have thought I would be blogging one day. I'm not afraid of technology. I was keypunching in 1964 and wiring machines to print those cards so I go wwwaaaayyy back. I think it is always good to learn something new, if you have the interest.

3. I can use this for my genealogy. It would be a fun project.

4. Some of the instructions were not clear enough and I couldn't follow them.

5. Yes. Anything that can help us keep up with technology would be a good thing. I'm afraid that when I'm eighty I won't be able to turn on my TV.

6. You can teach an old dog new tricks. Especially when there's a treat involved which is helping others learn, enjoying a fun project and perhaps using it both at home and at work.

Thing 22

I watched the tutorial for Overdrive but, since we can't download anything at work this is something I will try at home. Project Gurttenberg was interested but.. clicking on an authors first inital should be a first step and then the name should be broken down further. Your author would be easier to find.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Thing 21

I did a search for gardening in and found that I like looking at pictures not just hearing someone talk. It reminded me of when I was a kid and you listened to stories on the radio...The Shadow Knows!

I then looked at and searched for genealogy. There were a lot of hits but many you had to download.

At Merlin I found Westerville Public Library Pod and loved Tumblebooks. I added that RSS to my bloglines account. I think my granddaughter will love this podcast. This only went to grade 4. I would like to see something for older kids that may have trouble reading. It would be a great help since it highlights the sentence as it's being read. This is something we could do at BCPL.

Thing 20

OK. I found a video that reflects my German heritage. It makes me want to dust off my Dirndl and start dancing. However...the instructions for placing a video on my blog where not clear enough for me. I couldn't follow the directions. I will be asking for help again from my coworker. So stay tuned for some German music.
I think we could do some fun and informational videos about the staff and services at the library. I saw one while searching for something work related but I can't remember where it was now. I'll see if I can find it.

Thing 19

This was interesting. I checked out cocktail builder for my husband of course, and I think he'll really like it.

Thing 18

I like this concept. I'm going to try this again at home. I added a test statement but I can see where I can use this for my genealogy hobby.

Thing 17

This was confusing until I had help from a coworker. I added my blog to the page after a little guidance.